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Welcome to the Asia-Canada Program

This is my desire: to become a bridge across the Pacific sea. 
 -Dr. Nitobe Inazo

The Senate of Simon Fraser University approved the suspension of admission to the Asia-Canada Studies Minor and Extended Minor programs, effective 1 September 2017.    

We are currently recommending that students do not declare a minor or an extended minor

in the Asia-Canada Program as we cannot guarantee all courses to fulfill the requirements. 

 If you have completed the majority of classes required for the Minor/Extended Minor and still

 want to declare this designation, then, please contact  the Advisor, Katie Nordgren (

immediately to review your transcript and advise if it is still possible.



The Asia-Canada Program, affiliated with the Department of Humanities, offers students the opportunity to investigate the connections between Asia and contemporary Canadian society. An important part of the program is the study of one or more Asian languages and cultures. The goal of the program courses is to strengthen understanding of the rich and complex relations between Asia and Canada, including the Asian dimension of life in Canada, past and present. Read more...



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