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Fall 2017 (1177) Course Offerings

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Please note that starting in the Fall 2012 semester, all upper-division ASC courses will have a new prerequisite:   at least one lower-division ASC course.

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Course Title



101-3 D100 Introduction to Asia-Canada I Burnaby Tsuyoshi Kawasaki
102-3 D100 Introduction to Asia-Canada II Surrey Michael Newton
200-3 D100 Introduction to Chinese Civilization Harbour Ctr Paul Crowe
301-3 D100 Asian Canadian Identities: Experiences & Perspectives
Asian Canadian Cultural Activism
Burnaby Shuyu Kong


D100 Directed Studies Burnaby







*Make sure you understand and satisfy the prerequisites of the courses.  ASC401 (Directed Studies) available throughout the year. The form is available here (PDF file). You have to apply individually for this course. Please read the FAQ section of this website for application instructions.