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 Dr. Shuyu Kong

Burnaby Campus: AQ 5121
Tel: 778-782-9219


Professor, Department of Humanities.  Chinese literature and culture , Asia-Canada identities, and Chinese-language media in Canada.

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Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawasaki

Burnaby Campus: AQ 6037
Tel: 778-782-3086



Associate Professor, joint appointment with the Departments of Political Science and Humanities. Japanese culture, politics and economy, Asia-Canada interactions

Dr. Paul Crowe

(Director, David Lam Centre for International Communication)
Burnaby Campus: AQ5114
Tel: 778-782-4664
Vancouver Campus: HC2446
Tel: 778-782-5111





My teaching is divided between the Department of Humanities and the Asia Canada Program. Humanities courses I teach are principally related to the intellectual and cultural history of China but, given the long history of human mobility in East Asia, can also consider those topics in relation to India and Japan. Courses consider the history of Buddhist, Daoist and literati culture in East Asia with a strong focus on their textual legacies. Insights from these cultural domains are frequently considered in terms of their relevance to contemporary socio-political and, ecological and economic challenges. My Asia Canada teaching focuses on the intersection of identity, culture and migration with attention paid to the history and evolution of multiculturalism public policy and philosophy in Canada.


Research and publication is divided into two areas: Firstly, analysis, interpretation and translation of classical Chinese texts related to self-cultivation. Many of these texts are found in the Ming dynasty Daoist canon; secondly, modern Canadian Buddhist institutions are considered in relation to migration. Research on a major project looking at the practices of spirit-medium groups in Hong Kong and Canada is ongoing.


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