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SFU-Related Links 

David Lam Centre 

SFU Humanities Department

Language Training Institute

SFU International (International Services for Students)

World Literature Program


Asia-Related Links 

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

East-West Center

The National Bureau of Asian Research

Canadian Asian Studies Association

Japan Studies Association of Canada

Association for Asian Studies (USA)

Taiwan Academy


Links for Asian-Canadian Affairs

Asian Canadian 

Multicultural Canada 

"Asian Canadian" entry in Wikipedia 

Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project

Ian Condry@MIT (Japanese pop culture)

asian canadian (news and events)

Ricepaper Magazine

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

Historica Asia/Canada

Asian Heritage Month 

Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC

Chinese Canadian National Council

National Association of Japanese Canadians

Japanese Canadian National Museum

Japanese Canadian History Net 

Association for Asian American Studies (USA)